Using Google Bard

Google Bard AI

Google Bard AI Google Bard AI, alternative to Chat GPT. So how does it compare? I tried it out. Bard, write me a short essay on computer repair. Computer repair is the process of diagnosing and fixing problems with computers. It can be done for both personal and business computers. Computer repair technicians typically have … Read more

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Unknown USB drives

Unknown USB Drive

Unknown USB drives Unknown USB drives, just say no. It’s no secret that USB flash drives, as small and unremarkable as they may look, can be turned into agents of chaos. Over the years, we’ve seen them used to infiltrate an Iranian nuclear facility, infect critical control systems in US power plants, morph into programmable, undetectable attack … Read more

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Computer Repairs & Upgrades, East Kilbride, Glasgow.

Welcome to – Computer Repair & Upgrade, PAT testing, East Kilbride, Glasgow. After leaving school, I studied Applied Physics with Electronics and then worked as an Audio Visual Technician. Subsequently I re-trained in photography and video production at Glasgow College of Building & Printing, and have spent over 35 years working as a professional … Read more

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