Computer Repair, the Number 1 problem: Dusty Computer

Computer Repair – Dusty Computer

Another desktop computer repair, with random reboots, blue screen of death, BSOD and general crashes. On investigation, the computer was full of dust and generally this is one of the most common causes of crashes and reboots.

Dust gets everywhere in our homes today and when you think of a standard desktop computer, it basically sucks air in and blows it out the back. Dust settling on computer components forms an insulation barrier over the components and then causes them to overheat. Overheating in computers is BAD and should be avoided, although this generally only happens over a longer period of time, it will depend on just how dusty your home or office is.

So, the client’s computer has had a thorough cleaning, and special attention to the cpu heat sink which was clogged. After full testing and diagnostics, including a stress test, computer is now working normally. It’s amazing the difference a little clean makes.

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