Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer.

After 27 years, Microsoft will finally shut down its Internet Explorer browser today, heralding an end to what was many people’s first attempt to get in the web. The browser will be “retired” today, with users being directed to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s current browser of choice. (Annoyingly, when trying to install Firefox or Chrome, Microsoft Windows users get constantly nagged into trying Edge, but I digress…)

Microsoft released Internet Explorer in 1995 in an attempt to challenge the then-dominant Netscape Navigator during the dial-up era. Bill Gates’ decision to install the browser with Windows by default threatened Microsoft’s future in the late Nineties and early 2000s, when it led to bruising competition battles with US and European regulators.

Internet Explorer was once the dominant browser but struggled to keep pace with innovations from Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Apple and Google’s dominance of mobile operating systems meant the browser failed to gain a toe-hold in smartphones. However, the browser is still used by around 5.2% of desktop web users, according to industry figures.

Personally, I won’t miss Internet Exploder, sorry Explorer. 😉 I’ve used Firefox for years and it still works well for me.