WM-tech is a trading name of Warren Media, you can find out more here… www.warrenmedia.co.uk. The following information represents the basis under which WM-tech undertakes computer repairs and/or upgrades. By commissioning WM-tech you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

We normally aim to diagnose and repair within 3-5 business days but sometimes this can take longer. We often have to source parts from outside of the UK and can take several days or even weeks before we receive the parts. We will not be held responsible for any repairs that exceed our estimated completion time, however we will make every effort to inform you if we expect any delays. If you would like a status update please contact us. As part of the repair process, it may sometimes be necessary to re-format the computer’s hard drive, either internal or external, and/or re-install the operating system. WM-tech will always strive to ensure that suitable backups are carried out, however we cannot guarantee this. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all data is backed up before submitting an item for repair. Data loss can be caused by any one of a number of reasons, whether that be hardware failure, virus, malware, spyware or human error. The only way to mitigate this is to ensure you have regular and comprehensive backups. WM-tech will gladly advise on this if required. Your computer system should have a valid operating system installed. If you have not, we may need to purchase and install a retail version of the relevant operating system for your computer, which will incur additional cost. We are unable to work on unlicensed operating systems. You will be required to authorise us to conduct an evaluation of your device, we will then determine an estimate of costs and timings to complete the work requested. The estimate will be valid for 30 days.

Payment is due in full upon completion of successful repair and/or upgrade, prior to release of the device. Invoices can be paid by Debit/Credit Card, either online or in person. We operate a No Fix, No Fee policy which means that if we are unable to fix your issue then no charge will be made. If we are able to fix your device and you decide not to proceed with the estimate supplied, we reserve the right to charge our standard diagnostic fee of £25. Any items unclaimed after 90 days will be disposed of and we shall have no further liability to you or any third party. All repairs carry a 30 day warranty, excluding supplied parts which carry the full manufacturer’s warranty. We always use new, quality, branded parts, however on certain occasions we may require to use second hand parts, due to older computers or availability. We will always make you aware of this on the rare occasion this is necessary. Warranty on used parts is 30 days. Warranties do not apply to defects or failures arising from wear and tear, wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions, accident or negligence, failure to use the product in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, alteration or repair by a third party. Any device that is found to have signs of liquid damage internally will be exempt from any warranty. We may still be able to do the repair but due to the nature of liquid damage/corrosion we will not offer any warranty what-so-ever. We will stop working on your device and inform you as soon as we see any signs of internal liquid damage. Only after speaking with you will we continue with the repair.

We are fully qualified and carry professional indemnity and public liability insurance. We will always try to minimise disruption, however we cannot be responsible for any unforeseen issues that may arise from any of our services. Please note that if your computer system or equipment is under manufacturer warranty our services may affect that warranty. It is your responsibility to assess the effect of our services on any manufacturer’s warranty.

WM-tech will keep confidential and will not disclose to any third parties or make use of material or information communicated in confidence, save as may be reasonably necessary to enable WM-tech to carry out the work requested. We may require access to passwords, PIN numbers or personal details, however we store these details securely and delete them when your repair is completed. More information is available in our privacy policy.

If, for any reason, you have any queries about the service that WM-tech provide, we will be happy to discuss your concerns, please contact us.

This agreement shall be subject to and constructed according to Scottish Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive direction of the Courts of Scotland.

These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.